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Places of Attraction

A bird's eye view of Kurisumudy at Malayatoor

Undoubtedly it is a beautiful mountain with great spiritual atmosphere. To maintain this spirituality and tranquilithy there are some holy places in Kurisumudy, such as....

Marthoma Mandapam

This is the most attractive building carved in accordance with the blending of Indian archaeological traditions. It is in this Mandapam the precious relic of St. Thomas is preserved for the pilgrims to offer their prayers. It is built at the highest point of the mount. The statue of St.Thomas is placed in point above 20 steps , symbolically representing the twenty years of St. Thomas's missionary works in South India.


This is a chapel, which serves as a place of worship on the hill top. It provides enough space for meditation, prayers and Holy Eucharist.this is the place where the holy Eucharist is celibrated.Thousands of people can participate in the Eucharist.

The Ancient Chapel - Struck By The Elephants

This is the most ancient chapel at Kurisuinudi. Until 1968 Kurisumudi had been a thick forest. Those days wild animals used to move around there freely. It is believed that tuskers attacked this ancient chapel but couldnot cause a major damage.The marks of elephant attack on the back wall of the chapel is visible. Recently a new facade was built for the chapel and the part that elephant struck is glassed in.

The Miraculous Water Spring on The Mountain

There is a well near the ancient chapel at the top of the mount. This well is at the spot where St. Thomas is believed to have quenched his thirst, it is again believed that St. Thomas struck on this rock when he was thirsty and instantly fresh water gushed out. Thousands of believeis have been miraculously healed by using this water.

The Golden Cross

As mentioned early, it is believed that St. Thomas on his visit to Kurisumudi knelt on the rock and signed a cross with his finger on the ground, He prayed there for a long time. Later a golden cross appeared on this spot and the people belonging to the hilltribes were said to have been attracted by the splendor of the cross. To satisfy their curiosity they struck the spot with their weapons. To their surprise they saw blood oozing out of the cross. They were amazed by this miraculous occurrence. They reported the incident, to the people living at the foot of the mountain.They ran to the spot.Thus began the historic pilgrimage to Kurisumudi. This is the tradition behind the Golden Cross.

The Foot prints of St. Thomas on the Rock

People flock around the foot print of St. Thomas, inprinted and visible on this rock. There are also marks seen on the rock, which are said to have appeared once the saint knelt on the ground.